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Payday Loan

A representative example for the first loan covered by the promotion First loan without commission. The Actual Annual Interest Rate (APY) is: 0%. total loan amount: PLN 1500, registration fee: PLN 0.01, interest rate: 0%, duration of the contract: 30 days, commission: PLN 0, total cost of the loan: PLN 0.00, total amount to be paid by the consumer: PLN 1500 . The calculation was made on September 26, 2017.

A representative example for another loan: total loan amount: PLN 1500, 0% interest rate, duration of the contract: 30 days, commission: PLN 412.50, total cost of the loan: PLN 412.50, total amount payable by the consumer PLN 1912.50. Actual Annual Interest Rate (APR): 1821.80% * Despite all efforts, the data may no longer be up to date report an error.


Do you need a quick loan without formalities ?

quick loan

Do not have the time required by BIK verification and waiting for a certificate of earnings from the workplace? Let go of the expedition to the bank with the help of Payday Loan available on the website.

If such a break is just what you need, all you have to do is fill in the form available on the website and transfer 1g of the registration fee to one bank account listed on the website. It is necessary to have your own account from which the transfer will be made. To fill in the form, you only need data from the ID card and the name of the bank where your account is kept. You do not need to inform what purpose you need money for – it does not matter. You will receive a decision on receiving a loan by text message. If you have an account in one of the five banks in which Payday Loans are kept, you can receive money in 10 minutes from receipt of the decision, but if your account is kept in another bank, the waiting time depends on the booking dates in your bank – from us money is sent immediately after the loan is granted.


Payday Loan is fast cash without stars and hooks in the contract,

Payday Loan is fast cash without stars and hooks in the contract,

Information about all loan costs are available in advance on the website, you can check their amount using the loan calculator located there.

Payday Loan has been available on the European market for 15 years.A Latona-based company from Latvia, deals with its granting. Since 2012, Payday Loan is also available to Polish consumers thanks to the Polish branch of the company under the name IG Finance. The company’s goal is to ensure transparency in operation and maintain credibility among customers, which is why its services enjoy growing popularity.

recommends I heartily recommend Payday Loan as someone needs a small loan. The costs of the fact are quite high, but I think that everyone who takes a moment is counting on paying more than at the bank. And in the bank, not everyone will get a loan because they have tightened the requirements so that now you can get a loan in a bank. I personally prefer to take a moment and pay the costs and do not go to lend to family and friends, because they are also lacking in life, and I know that if I do not, I will not have to forgive them for help. In the future I will use Payday Loan as I will need money because everything can be done easily and efficiently.

recommends I often take a few moments because I do not earn much and sometimes I miss the first one, I have already used a few companies and I have to say that for me all these offers are not different from each other, a few pennies in one or the other side but this is not significant, About any company I do not have a very good opinion but I also do not complain about anyone.

How long will it take to pay a payday loan?

payday loan?

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How fast can you get a payday loan?

payday loan?

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Loan And a Loan – What Is The Difference Between Them?

Poles do not have much knowledge about financial products and get lost on their market like children in the fog. They wonder, for example, what the loan loan payday really is. We have just prepared an article for them, which should dispel all doubts in this topic.

The basic difference between a loan and a loan

The loan is taken up for a larger amount and longer, and the loan for a low amount and short time. The loan can be drawn from a thousand to several, a dozen or even several dozen thousand zlotys. In many cases, it is virtually impossible to make a full one-off payment, which is why it is usually spread out into regular installments – equal or decreasing, weekly or monthly. The total loan period can range from several months to several or a dozen or so years. A loan can be obtained for an amount of one hundred to two and a half thousand zlotys, for a period from one day to a maximum of three months. It is repaid completely on the date specified in the terms of the loan agreement. Sometimes you can move the day of repayment by several days, two weeks or a month, for paying an additional fee.

Another difference between a loan and a loan

Another difference between a loan and a loan

The availability of both forms of financial assistance. The loan is a financial product intended for non-indebted individuals who earn a steady income, who can boast of good history at BIK, high scoring and adequate creditworthiness. The loan, on the other hand, is a financial product available to all adults who are citizens of Poland, possessing ID card and PESEL. They should earn a steady income, but they do not really have to. They may have a negative history in BIK and BIG registers, because the decision to grant a loan does not always depend on the result of verification in these databases. In practice, this means that the loan is available to everyone – for those working, running a business, students, pupils, the unemployed, retirees and pensioners.

The next difference between a loan and a loan

The next difference between a loan and a loan

Elements that make up the total amount to be repaid. In the case of a loan, it is the sum of its amount, commission and fees for its granting, as well as interest calculated on an annual basis according to a fixed interest rate. In the case of a loan, the total amount to be repaid is the sum of the loan cost and the commission for the loan. Interest on debt is calculated only after exceeding the repayment date.

A loan and a loan are two different financial products.

A loan and a loan are two different financial products.

They differ in the amount of financing, time and method of repayment, elements constituting the total amount to be repaid and availability for various groups of recipients.

Unfortunately, these products are often confused, also by loan companies, lending institutions and banks. Loan offers at banks may in fact be loan offers, and loan offers in non-bank companies with loan offers. You should judge for yourself what they really are to avoid unpleasant surprises.